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Plus Size Swimwear Canada Shopping Guide

Spring Break Plus Size Swimwear

Flaunt Your Curves This Spring Break!

With a figure-flattering swimwear you can rock your Spring Break. Choose from the largest collection of the trendiest plus size swimwear now! The only bad thing about Spring is the that it is succeeded by winter. And unless you are the one who swears by the gym, most people pack on close to 10 pounds during winters. So are you going to let this deter you from making the most out of those beach parties and the much needed tanning sessions at the beach? No way!

Whether you are naturally on the heavier side or have managed to pack on a few pounds during the holiday season, you can still choose a great swimsuit that will make you feel confident and sexy. Our partner websites store up on the latest trends in plus size swimwear that has been designed to specifically favor curves.

One Piece Plus Size Swimwear
Swimdress Plus Size Swimwear
Tankini Plus Size Swimwear
Bikini Plus Size Swimwear

Are you in the middle of planning a trip to a warmer destination during the spring season? Make sure you have an assortment of plus size bathing suits and swimwear handy. In fact, you should also peak around in the resort wear section so you will have something handy to comfortably trot on the beach during the evenings with the sunset in the background.

And let’s get this straight you need not have a supermodel body to look and feel like a supermodel. With the correct type of swimwear suiting your body shape, you can easily highlight and flaunt your best features. So if you are apple shaped, try a flared tankini that will create more of an hourglass shape.

Chlorine Resistant Plus Size Swimwear
Tummy Control Plus Size Swimwear
Underwire Plus Size Swimwear
Wire Free Plus Size Swimwear

On the contrary if you are bottom heavy, opt for one-piece with detailing around the neck or maybe try color blocking with solid colors at the bottom. A faux wrap on the top with padded cups looks gorgeous on a pear-shaped woman. Additionally, you can add chunky neckpiece to take the focus away from your broad hips.

Monokinis is the trend of the season. Most plus sized women shy away from wearing monokinis since it does not provide complete coverage. There are a lot of different types of monokinis available, some come with lace detailing on the side and some patterned to provide both support and partial coverage. Or if you are tall and have an evenly-proportioned body, monokinis would do a lot to flatter your body type.

No matter what your body shape is, you are bound to find the type of swimwear that will make you instantly want it to be spring already!

Let’s bust a myth here that seems to be doing the rounds. ‘Plus size swimwear is just the largest size available in a typical designer collection’- this is completely incorrect. Over the past few years, society’s concept of the perfect body has shifted from the ‘perfect’ part to the ‘real’ part. Today, curves are celebrated and top brands are particularly hiring plus size models to showcase their latest collections.

Whether you are looking to buy swimwear for the spring season or need a heads up for the upcoming summer season, be assured that all the collection are following the latest fashion and these imbue a sense of confidence and acceptance in those who are on the heavier side. And remember every swimsuit our hand selected partners offer are available to be shipped to Canada!! So why not start looking through our partners great selection of plus size swimsuit right now by Clicking Here!

Plus Size Swimwear for That Trip Down South

Stay out of the heat and in the cool water when planning your next vacation destination down south. This is something that everyone should live by when it comes to being able to jump on the water and cool off. The hot air has nothing on the plus size swimwear for that trip down south. You can dress to impress, and look your best when it comes to which swimwear you choose to use, and why you choose to use it. Pick out what is out there, and what you might want to have. Remember, choose what you like, and not what you think everyone else wants to see on you. This is your bathing suit, and you should love every bit of choosing, and then wearing it. So find out what we have in store when you search through our many options.

What We Provide to Our Customers

When you go online to search through our selection, we have partnered with numerous providers to showcase many, many different swimsuit options; and all within the sizes that you are able to fit into. With this being said, we are one of the biggest providers of plus size swimwear for that trip down south. We can provide numerous styles, sizes, colors and patterns; so you’re always able to find something you’re in love with, and want to wear to the beach on that next trip that you decide to take wherever it is that you want to go.

In addition to the massive selection that we’ve put together, we have also provided some of the best prices out there. This is one of the biggest, and best ways to get the plus size swimwear for that trip down south. We can provide you with fast shipping, too. So you no longer have to wait weeks at a time to have that bathing suit that you want to wear, no matter when it is that you want to go to the destination of your choice. You can choose to have it shipped fast. We provide our customers with the friendly and helpful options, while also giving them the accurate sizes that they are looking for. We want them to be happy, and this means you’re going to be happy, too!

The Many Choices That You Have

There are so many choices to go with when it comes to choosing the swimsuit that speaks with you. However, the best part about this is that our prices are very affordable with each and every partner that we work with, you can bring home more than one if you wanted too! You could bring home a couple, and feel good about the choice that you made to give yourself options to choose from while you’re on your vacation. No one said that you shouldn't have a bathing suit that you love. It might just take you a bit longer to find one that you really do like.

With everything from black to bright colors, and floral prints; there is enough for you to choose from, no matter which color looks the best on you. You want something that really stands out within the beach, but you want something that looks good on you and the needs that you have. You’re not going to be able to choose something from a store that only offers one or two different choices of swimwear. You’re going to have to go with something that provides you with the most options when it comes down to it - and those options are all here within our website, from many different outlets that we work with.

Don’t just take our word for it. We have put together numerous plus size swimwear for that trip down south, so you can feel comfortable and confident when it comes to wearing something that fits, but also that you feel good wearing. You shouldn't have to worry about not being able to feel the ocean when you head out. Put this on, and you’re able to feel confident in your own skin, and in your own body with the right swim suit for the occasion. It is just that easy to find something you love, and have it shipped right to your home!

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