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Most plus sized women do not let their wild side surface because of low self-confidence, and when the question is stepping out in a swimwear and being fun and quirky; it’s well, out of the question. Shore Club believes that there is a daring side to every woman, and their range of swimwear helps to bring the wild side out. Curvy girls are hot and Shore Club knows this. From plunging necklines with ample bust support to wild leopard prints, what’s not to love! And psst! While others are bowled over by the gorgeous fit, the daring cuts, and the amazing print you can feel the fabric perfectly moulding your curves and the comfort promised by their skilled craftsmanship that shows up in the form of tummy trimmers, well-constructed necklines, and clever fabric blending. Choose a swimdress or a tankini, and you will be turning heads at the beach, we warn you!

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Swimwear for Plus Size Women

The promise of cloudless blue skies, the warm sand on the beach and crystal clear water has lured thousand to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Thailand, Australia and many other beautiful destinations. But having to strip down to your bare essentials has kept a lot of women on the side. You’ve noticed them, curvy, gorgeous gals dressed in caftans and hats, leisurely sipping away on cocktails, or are covering themselves up with tees and shorts throwing around a Frisbee, but you never see them swimming when they’re at the beach. Well, ladies – no more! Its time you hit the water.

With real support, amazing fabrics and novel cuts, plus-size swimwear has become more flattering and elegant than ever before. Now, getup from the side, take off those cover-ups and reveal your gorgeous body to the world. Plus-size swimwear’s are now, modish, flirty and have enough to compliment those beautiful curves. So, now you can be the life of the party.

Styles worth Trying

There are great styles for plus-size swimwear you can’t live without. It’s time you stopped covering your unique feminine qualities and flaunted those curves. Try the following styles:

  • Swim Dresses: this playful style of swimwear is now designed to show of those gorgeous curves, while still keeping you covered from the top all the way down to your thighs and allows as much freedom of movement as you want. Sell all of our swimdress swimwear.
  • One Piece Swimsuit: this vivacious swimwear style is practical and provides plenty of support. With the newly designed one piece swimsuit made from 20% spandex and 80% nylon you have the freedom to flaunt your curves without being conscious.

Go Online To Shop for Plus Size Swimwear

To find the right swimwear it is important that you have enough variety to choose from, which as we established earlier, is very hard to get when shopping from a local specialty shop or department store. For a large variety of design availability, online shopping is a much smarter and wiser choice, and at times it’s the best option available.

Finding a perfect match for you becomes very easy when you choose online shopping for plus size bathing suits. Now you don’t have to spend your summer wearing a T-shirt over your swimwear just because you want to conceal that ugly design. You can get plus size swimwear which is as sexy as any other swimwear out there. Online shopping is the way to go. You can save a lot of time and get your orders placed in just few clicks.

Imagine the convenience of sitting in your room and placing your order. You are able to avoid all those crazy shopping masses of people looking for their perfect swimwear.

You might wonder how you are going to make the right choice when you are unable to try the swimwear out. Well, worry not. Lots of online stores have sizing charts made just for your convenience. Take your measurements and place the order accordingly. It’s that simple.

What Types of Designs are Available

Gone are the times when there was the same old one piece bathing suit to enjoy your summer. Now, there are so many designs and styles available on the internet that you might spend an entire day just appreciating them. From tankinis to one-piece swimwear, online stores carry a wide selection of plus size swimwear for their client’s convenience. You might even like trying the tummy flattening swimwear variety out there. All you need to do is visit one of our partners online store, go through the designs and place your order.

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